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MixBed Resin Cartridge PCF Series

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PCF Series cartridges have beendeveloped in response to therequirements for deionized water inmany industries.  They are manufactured using anFDA-compliant resin that has beensubjected to additional post-production steps to minimize thetotal organic carbon (TOC) level.  These high-capacity, semi-conductor-grade resin cartridges are ideal foruse in pharmaceutical and medicallaboratories, cosmetics, and circuitboard printing applications.

PCF Series cartridges are available inthree sizes, flow rates and capacities.  They are convenient and costeffective for many applicationswhere low levels of total organiccarbon (TOC) and total dissolvedsolids (TDS) are required.

• Circuit board printing
• Pharmaceutical use
• Steam and humidification
• Cosmetics
• Steam processors
• Humidification systems
• Recirculating/cooling towers
• Power generating equipment
• Medical/laboratory use
• Lasers
• Jet water sprayers
• Boiler make-up water
Packing per Box   : 6 pcs
Dimension             : 10", 20"

Price                    : Rp. 570.000,- per pcs
download catalog : PCF Series Cartridge by Pentek

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